Wow, what a race!
If you are in UAE (or travelling here) and have not done this race yet, then you must do!

Spectacular, beautiful scenery – breath taking!
Participating in this race reminded us of racing in triathlons 20 years ago when we first arrived in UAE (meant in a totally positive way). So relaxed and chilled with a sense of community/families coming together to do something active and great together.

The swim was beautiful! Lovely sea temperature, calm waters, surrounded by mountains! Perfect swim.

Our #TeamAngelWolf bike (a.k.a The Bus) finally tackled its first ever hills/mountains! Rio found the slow uphill parts a bit frustrating, indicating that dad really needed to cycle faster uphill, BUT, he loved the fast downhill part … which was the first time The Bus brakes have ever needed to be used (and they work!!)!!l Truly amazing scenery, it was a motivational tool in itself! Great to experience a new challenge with those hills mixed with flat fast parts!

The run was a great course, perfect temperature, flat and fast – along the beachfront! Perfect!

Amazing support from the local police, paramedics, life guards, security, all the volunteers and spectators … you guys rock – thank you from all those that competed!

Fantastic, scrumptious breakfast at the award prize giving ceremony, provided by Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa!
Again, such a community and family feeling to the event and final ceremony.

Congratulation to Dewald Olivier from the #TeamAngelWolf Athlete Squad Pack, for getting third on podium for his age category – very proud of you! Also a big shout out to Dewald (the man we discovered whom has many, many talents!!) for helping us with transport, yet again, to get to the event and back – thank you, it would have been impossible without you! You are totally part of the family now, after those 24 hours!

Also, big thank you to Dara Blackney for letting us use your trailer to get our outrageous amount of equipment to get to the race! Very grateful!

To the amazing lady that wore the #TeamAngelWolf 2XU tshirt in the run leg of the race …. THANK YOU! This will really help spread the awareness of our mission and
vision – we are very grateful to you! Please tell us your name so we can thank you properly! (more TAW 2XU Trisuits are coming – we promise!)

After prize giving, we were very grateful to get to enjoy the rest of the day at the beach and poolside of the Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa … so chilling, just what we all needed!

A massive THANK YOU to Oceanic Khorfakkan Resort & Spa in Khorfakkan and their brilliant General Manager Ian Phillips – thank you for hosting us for the night, looking after us and your hospitality; we are truly grateful! We had an amazing time.
If anyone is planning to participate or support this race for their next event, then stay at this hotel! Perfect location as the race is based from the hotel grounds and it is a perfect family hotel with the best views ever!
Even for those looking for a staycation in the UAE – seriously check out this resort!
Little Wolf officially loves Khorfakkan, as it apparently officially has the best trees for climbing ever!!
Khorfakkan is truly a beautiful, peaceful area that deserves a visit!

Finally, congratulations to Trace Rogers and Donal Kilalea (from Promoseven Sports Marketing)for creating this fabulous race and thank you for inviting us … we will be back for more!

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