Lynette Warn was our runner-up in the inaugural Oceanic Triathlon that took place in February this year.
We managed to catch up with her during her very busy schedule to find out what keeps her fit and focused.


Tell us where it all began
I started triathlons in 2004. Within a year of starting I’d graduated through all the distances finishing in March 2005 with my first full Ironman in NZ. I had been ill all week prior to that race so took it easy and took my time getting into warm clothes at each transition. Finishing in 13:34

What does your average training week involve?
It depends on which distance race I’m aiming for. Recently I competed in Challenge Roth which is a full distance race so my maximum hours of training peaked at 19. Usually doing 4 of each of the disciplines in a week.

Which is your favourite:
Triathlon discipline?
It used to be running but since arriving in Dubai with the heat and the flat terrain that’s not so anymore. I enjoyed the build-up swimming towards Roth as my distances got up to a maximum of 5.5km and regularly 4km.  I don’t think I have a favorite anymore.

Pre-race meal?
Usually oats with chia seed and an egg mixed in while it’s all cooking. It’s a low GI meal with a bit of protein.

Post race meal?
That really depends on if I got my nutrition right or not during the race. I never used to want to eat at all but lately I’ve increased my calories during racing and now I’m hungry afterwards and will eat anything in sight. Of course I’m talking full IM race. For a shorter race then it’s just a balanced meal with usually eggs in it. And I love coconut water.

What advice would you give someone doing the Oceanic Tri for the first time?
Doing a training camp there prior to the day is good so you have the course already in your mind and legs. It’s not a long race so give it heaps. But first and foremost listen to your coach if they’ve given you a specific race plan. When I raced at the first ever Oceanic Tri, I pushed hard in each leg without any problems.

What advice would you give a triathlon newbie?
First find a coach you click with and trust them wholeheartedly. They will have the wisdom and knowledge on equipment to purchase and how to get your body ready to race. Don’t neglect your stretching.

What is the greatest piece of life advice that you could give?
Race day is just the victory lap of all the hard training you’ve done. Smile as you cross that finish line

Thank you Lynette and best of luck for this weekend’s World Champs in Mooloolaba, Queensland.

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